Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns

Porcelain dental crowns can be an effective solution for restoring form and function to damaged teeth while also improving their appearance.

Once the design has been completed, your crown will be fabricated out of durable porcelain material and then secured to your tooth with strong oral cement. Through proper care and maintenance, your porcelain dental crowns can last for decades.

Dental bridges

If you are missing numerous teeth, you probably look at old photographs and wish you can have that smile back. This wish can become a reality.

Dental bridges can be an excellent option if you are missing one or more consecutive teeth along your gumline. Dental bridges are often supported on either side by other restorations such as dental crowns or dental implants,

depending on your specific needs. Ultimately, this effective cosmetic treatment can provide beautiful results while helping to improve speaking, chewing, and a variety of other problems associated with missing teeth.


Unlike dentures, a fixed bridge is never removed. It is stable in the mouth and works very similar to natural teeth.

By filling the gap and stopping the movement of other teeth, a fixed bridge is an effective investment, providing better chewing ability, heading off jaw joint problems and saving money that would otherwise might be spent on future dental treatment.

Dental bridges help you speak properly. During speech, your tongue pushes against the back side of your upper teeth to achieve proper pronunciation. Missing teeth can quickly affect the way you talk.